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Tanggal ang ouch! Angeles City Councilor JC Aguas shares chiropractic experience

Former Viva Hot Babe and now Angeles City Councilor JC Aguas was apparently under so much pain due to a motorcycle incident.

Her remedy? A chropractic massage!

“While back riding with my husband my back slammed at the sissy bar so for morethan a week now my back is in so much pain. I would put warm compress mawawala ung pain, pero after a while babalik nanaman ung sakit! I Finally got the time to go to Doc rob’s chiropractic clinic and buala! Instant relief! I can finally get up with out feeling the pain on my back! The best talaga!! Thank you talaga! I feel so much better! Ang hirap kasi ng masakit ang likod kailangan dahan dahan lahi ang tayo kasi masakit 😩 nice to see also atty mike!. I think i should buy my husband a nee motorcycle (adventure bike na!) 😝😝😝,” she said.