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Perks given to Pampanga college students who passed board exams

Pampanga Governor Dennis Pineda has urged college students not just to excel in their studies but also to pass licensure or board examinations in their particular discipline.

The governor issued the statement as handed out cash incentives to board examination passers last week.

Officials said the cash incentive is aimed at encouraging more students to excel in their studies in order to secure better job opportunities after graduation.

The assistance also promotes a standard of excellence among students taking courses with board examinations.

Among the 38 beneficiaries who received checks worth P15,000 are four students who passed the Certified Public Accountant licensure examination, 15 architecture board passers, 16 civil engineer board passers, one mechanical engineer board examination passer, and two electronics engineer board examination passers.

Pineda and Vice Governor Lilia Pineda personally congratulated those who successfully passed the board exams.

The two officials assured that the provincial government will help the graduates seek employment.