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Mayor Trina Andres invites team to Tiktok after 2nd wave of relief drive

20,000 families X 20,000 food packs. 26 barangays X 5 days distribution.

That is the number of families in every barangay that Rizal Mayor Trina Andres and her team have managed to help in five days. She also proudly announced that the second wave is already done.

She said in her post that no family was excluded from the government assistance because everyone is affected by the lockdown. She also apologized for the local government’s shortcomings if any.

The mayor of course thanked her hardworking team who never complained with the laborious task of repacking, transferring, carrying, and distributing of goods. The fight against COVID-19 may not be over but since the 2nd wave of relief distribution is done, Mayor Trina gave her team the go-signal to finally have a break and Tiktok!