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Malayo ‘yan sa bituka! Mayor De La Fuente spearheads circumcision program

Apr 24, 2017 @ 5:28
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Samal town Mayor Gene de la Fuente tried to lift the spirits of some boys who were availing of the free circumcision service in her city on Friday, April 21.

The politiko was seen smiling and laughing with the boys, who were sitting on benches before their procedure.

“In Philippine culture, circumcision is an integral part of a rite-of-passage to manhood. Thus, to help young Samaleños get through this stage, a free circumcision service was conducted by the LGU headed by Mayor Gene Malibiran Dela Fuente with the support of Vice Aida Macalinao and SB Members at the Samal Birthing Clinic, April. 21,” said De La Fuente.

The mayor even accompanied one boy and sat by his bed as the latter’s circumcision was on going.

Close na close si Mayor ah!