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Lubao town acquires 4 vehicles for emergencies

The municipal government of Lubao, a coastal town in the province of Pampanga, has taken a significant step towards improving the delivery of essential services to its constituents by acquiring four new vehicles.

Two of the vehicles are rescue vans, which will be used to respond quickly and efficiently to emergency situations.

The other two vehicles include a backhoe, which will aid in disaster relief efforts and infrastructure development, and a speedboat, which will be utilized to navigate the town’s many waterways and respond to any emergency situations that may arise in the area’s coastal regions.

According to Lubao Mayor Esmie Pineda, these new vehicles will greatly enhance the emergency response capabilities of the Lubao Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council, and will help to mitigate the impact of frequent flooding events that occur in the town.

The mayor also highlighted that the new vehicles will also help in providing better services in terms of infrastructure development, and it will be a big help for the community.

Officials said the acquisition of these new vehicles is a clear indication of the local government’s commitment to the well-being and safety of its constituents and their determination to provide the best possible services to the people of Lubao.