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Lorna Silverio remembers late husband on his death anniversary

Fond memories of her husband were stirred in Bulacan 3rd District Representative Lorna Silverio during the anniversary of his death on Monday, December 11.

The politiko posted a picture of herself with her late husband Ricardo “Tata Carding” Silverio when he was still alive. In the photo, the Silverios were looking at a caricature of Tata Carding.

Silverio said God probably planned that she would be busy the year after Tata Carding’s death so she won’t feel so lonely. She didn’t even want to go back to politics but instead spend more time with Tata Carding.
“But my husband, even encouraged me to go on, saying “you can help more people, you can continue with the development plan for our district.” So I succumbed to the pressure coming from political allies and friends to go back to public service. My prayer warriors started tripping to our chapel in the compound. Thanks GOD, He helped me through it all, in all my victories,” said Silverio.
Then her husband died. But no bitterness against God there.
“Little did I know that my husband would be going on a long journey. I never questioned GOD for this altered state of life. I kept reminding myself that my life should not be meaningless, that my husband is still with me, caring for me,” she said.
Tata Carding is your guardian angel now, Cong. Lorna!