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Govt forced to release water from Ipo, Bustos dams

The Ipo and Bustos dams released water on their spillways due to heavy rains brought by the southwest monsoon and enhanced by Tropical Storm Karding.

The Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office (PDRRMO) reported that Ipo Dam has released a total of 61.90 cubic meters per second of water on Saturday midnight but closed the gates of spillways at 5 a.m. on Sunday.

On the other hand, PDRRMO said Bustos Dam started releasing water from its spill gates since Saturday morning.

As of Sunday morning, the Bustos dam has been releasing a total of 543 cubic meters per second from its South Sluice Gates 1 and 2; North Sluice Gate; and Radial Gate.

Meanwhile, Angat Dam, the biggest dam in the province and a major raw water supplier to Metro Manila residents, has not yet released any water from its spill gates, since the water elevation in its reservoir has not yet reached the flood season height water level.

“As of Sunday morning, water elevation at Angat Dam is 199.30 meters which is more than 10 meters below its 210-meter flood season high water level; Ipo Dam has 101.13 meters against it 101.00 spilling level and Bustos Dam at 17.52 meters against its spilling level of 17.50,” PDRRMO chief Liz Mungcal said.

Some 15 barangays in Meycauayan City were inundated up to four feet of floodwater; six barangays were flooded up to four feet deep in Marilao; while Calumpit has 11 villages submerged up to three feet of floodwater.

The PDRRMO said an evacuation center has been established at the barangay hall of Malhacan in Meycauayan City, where 59 families were evacuated.

Mungcal said her office has not received reports of untoward incidents due to the inclement weather. (PNA)