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Clark freeport lost only 34 companies in 2020 – CDC

From 1,260 locators in December 2019, the number of companies at the Clark Freeport Zone shrank by only 34, with 1,226 still operating at present, according to the Clark Development Corp.

In a Philippine Information Agency report, CDC vice president for administration and finance Mariza Mandocdoc said that showed how CDC was able to cushion the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Our baseline would be December 2019, or what we call the pre-pandemic period. During that time, we have 1,260 locators,” she was quoted as saying in the report.

“If we will compare that with the 1,226 locators in 2020, we can say that the reduction in number is just very small. It is just around three percent of what were originally operating prior to COVID-19, so we are happy to see that at least Clark is gradually recovering,” Mandocdoc said.

In terms of workers, CDC reported a 15.43 percent reduction in labor force from 136,418 in 2019 to 115,375 workers in 2020.

“A total of 115,375 workers is still a big number,” Mandocdoc said.

“Some of whom are on work from home arrangements. That means there are still 115,375 workers who are able to earn for their families. We are still happy about that,” she said.