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BCDA invites UK companies to explore New Clark City as investment hub

The Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) and the United Kingdom Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (UK FCDO) invited British companies to explore investment opportunities in New Clark City in Capas town in Tarlac.

They also urged the firms to participate in the development of the Philippines’ first smart, sustainable and green metropolis.

Showcasing the sustainable features and integrated development of New Clark City, BCDA and UK FCDO recently conducted an investment briefing dubbed, “New Clark City: The Philippines’ Sustainable Futurecity and Green Investment Destination,” at the Regent’s University in London.

The roadshow gained an audience of almost 60 British investors involved in priority industries, such as information and communications technology, hospitality, transportation, and research and development.

“We are extremely proud of this collaboration with the Philippine government, in particular the BCDA, and we are excited for the wider UK stakeholders to likewise be involved in the array of opportunities opening in New Clark City,” UK Ambassador to the Philippines and Palau Laure Beaufils said.

“As the country’s first smart, resilient and green metropolis, New Clark City offers a unique opportunity for the UK to work with the Government of the Philippines in boosting investment and driving local growth that opens up transparent, competitive opportunities for international business, including British business,” she said.

Through the investment roadshow, BCDA highlighted the business readiness of New Clark City, as well as its competitive advantages with emphasis on optimal location, robust workforce, and advanced infrastructure to attract potential locators and partners.

“We invite UK investors to look at the investment opportunities in New Clark City and be part of this development,” BCDA president and CEO Aileen Zosa said.