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Bataan launches healthy school feeding program

The Bataan provincial government is taking steps to ensure the health and well-being of its students with the launch of the “Healthy School Setting” program, officials said.

The program was launched on January 31 and would be implemented in four schools in the province: Dr. Victoria Roman Memorial High School in Pilar, Mabatang Elementary School in Abucay, Tucop Integrated School in Dinalupihan, and Calungusan Elementary School in Orion.

Bataan Governor Jose Enrique Garcia III announced that the program has a budget of P6 million, which will be used to provide students in these schools with free nutritious food once a week, as well as capacity building for the learners.

The program will also have personnel in place to manage and run the program effectively, according to officials.

The program is not just aimed at improving the physical well-being of the students, but also their mental health, the governor said.

Garcia emphasized that the program will help the youth stay away from vices and will also help families save on food costs, which have been rising in recent times.

The program will provide students with the necessary nutrients they need to grow and develop, while also helping families save money on food expenses, he added.