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15K peace advocates gather at Clark for peace festival

Over 15,000 peace advocates assembled at Clark Freeport for the Global Peace Festival held in Clark on December 1-3.

The participants “enjoyed a weekend of informative sessions, insightful discussions, and engaging activities,” and “watched performances by local acts Bini and Autotelic,” according to a Punto Central Luzon report.

The event was also attended by peace practitioners and experts, educators, student and youth leaders, religious leaders, civil society leaders, government stakeholders, NGOs, school administrators, and media representatives.

The festival had the theme, “One Family Under God: A vision for a world of freedom and peace.”

“To witness the passion of the youth towards peacebuilding is already a huge feat for the festival,” Executive Director Aldrin Nituma was quoted as saying.

The festival also held its Service Learning Programs and the Global Peace Leadership Conference, which had seven different tracks, namely: Transforming Education, Youth Assembly, Women Empowerment, Corporate Social Responsibility, Interfaith, and Peace Building, Peace and Security, and Role of Media.

The event was organized by the Global Peace Foundation, an international non-sectarian, non-partisan, nonprofit organization established in 2009.