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106 job hunters hired on the spot at Clark fair

Some 106 job hunters were hired on the spot at a job fair organized by Clark Development Corporation (CDC) in partnership with various locators at Clark Freeport.

Held at the Clark Cityfront Mall, the job fair was spearheaded by CDC, through its External Affairs Department (EAD) – Corporate Social Responsibility and Placement Division (CSRPD), to provide opportunities for individuals who are looking for local employment in Clark.

According to the state-owned firm, more than 5, 000 job vacancies were offered by 53 companies who were present during the event.

A total 820 applicants flocked to the fair which was opened to all individuals with various educational backgrounds including professionals, college graduates, vocational graduates, high school graduates, and undergraduates.

CDC Vice President for Administration and Finance Mariza Mandocdoc said that the activity is the first job fair organized by CDC after the pandemic.

“This is the first ever job fair that we did after the pandemic and we take this activity with so much prayer in our hearts that there will be a matching of the available jobs and the available manpower,” she said.

“We know how important it is that we find our place under the sun and find work and employment because this is where we spend most of our waking time,” she said.