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1.7K Pampanga cancer patients receive aid from Capitol

A total of 1,717 indigent cancer patients in Pampanga province have received assistance from the provincial government led by Pampanga Governor Dennis Pineda.

The governor has expanded the health assistance program started in 2010 during the administration of his mother, then governor and now Vice Governor Lilia Pineda, according to a Sun Star Pampanga report.

The Pampanga LGU covered chemotherapy treatments through guarantee letters (GL) for 1,717 patients from July 2019 to early 2022 in hospitals with standing memorandum of agreements with the Capitol, according to the report.

The GLs alone amounted to over P21 million, the report added.

The provincial government has partnered with 29 hospitals in the province to support the cancer patients. Some 933 patients also received around P15 million in financial assistance for chemotherapy treatment in other hospitals for the same period.

The Pampanga government also provides burial assistance, medicines and other necessities, while “the governor’s family augments the funds,” according to the Sun Star report.